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HDD is connected, but not activated.

Dear Customer,

You are on this page because your hard drive is connected to your computer, but it has not yet been assigned.
The disk actually needs to be given a 'letter' before you can find it in Windows Explorer.
To do this, you can perform the following steps:

Right-click on the start button (far left of the taskbar).
Choose 'Disk Management'
Do you get a popup for 'Disk Initialization'?

Yes: Leave the option 'GPT' checked and click on 'OK'

No: Check the drives and see if you see a drive that is 'unallocated'. You may need to maximize the window to do this.

Right click on the drive that is 'unallocated' (click on the white area below the black bar)
Select 'New Simple Volume'.
Click next.
Click next.
Click next.
At 'Volume Label' you can change the name of the disc if necessary. We usually set it to 'Storage' or 'Data'.
Click next.
Click Finish.

The drive will now be formatted and will be visible in Windows 10 under 'File Explorer' and 'My PC'.

Can't see the drive in step 4? Then there may be a hardware problem, or a problem has arisen during transport.
You must then contact us to return the item for inspection.

If you have any further questions about this, please contact our customer service: /
058 2045111.

Updated on: 09/05/2022

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