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Is a computer suitable for playing my game?

Dear Customer,

You have come to this page because of your question about playing games on our computers.
We have a wide range of PCs and we understand that the choice can sometimes be difficult to make.
That's why we want to help you select a suitable gaming PC.

You can find our total offer on this page:

On the left side of the website (for desktops) and on the button 'Filter' (for mobile phones) you can filter computers by parts.
As on this example:


The following components are the most important for selecting a suitable Game PC:
- Video card
- Random access memory
- Processor

But what parts do I need to play my game? (Like GTA V, Minecraft, Fortnite etc.)

There is a simple website for this:

You can click on the game of your choice and see the system requirements for your game.


I saw a computer on your website and I would like to know how it performs with my game!
For the performance of the components we sell, when playing games, we recommend that you consult Youtube.
Many tests have been performed on this website with different components.

For example: You have seen a computer with a GTX 1050ti graphics card.

A search such as 'GTX 1050ti GTA V test' will quickly show you how our system would perform when playing such games.
You can also easily see the number of frames per second in these tests!

Our offer for popular games:

View compatible computers for GTA V

Call of Duty Warzone
View eligible computers for Call of Duty: Warzone

View compatible computers for Fortnite

View compatible computers for Minecraft

If you still have questions after reading this article, please contact our chat operator.
You can also contact us via: /
058 2045111.

Updated on: 09/05/2022

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