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What is FPS and how much FPS do I need?

FPS stands for Frames Per Second.

We have an FPS list with all our computers so that you can see what performance the computer delivers with the games in that list.

Why is FPS important?

The more FPS the computer achieves in a game, the better the game will feel. it can even make all the difference in winning or losing.
That is why it is important to always check how many fps the computer achieves with the games you want to play.
It is advisable to find a computer that achieves at least 60FPS in games you want to play so that it plays smoothly and you do not suffer from stuttering.
High FPS makes for smooth gameplay, while low FPS is more like a slideshow.

Refresh rate (Hertz)

A standard screen can display a maximum of 60Hz (Hertz), which means that the screen displays a maximum of 60 images per second, so 60FPS.
As a novice gamer, a 60Hz or 75Hz monitor is enough. As an experienced gamer, you prefer to look at a 144Hz monitor. Are you an esports player? Then it is best to choose 240Hz.
It is important to know if you choose a 144Hz monitor that the computer in the games also achieve at least 144FPS to get the most out of the screen.
A high refresh rate ensures smooth images and a better gaming experience.

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Updated on: 01/07/2022

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