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Windows 10 Reinstallation

Dear Customer,

You have come to this page because you want to reinstall Windows 10.
On this page we are going to explain step by step how to reinstall Windows 10.

You will need the following:
- A properly functioning computer with Windows 10.
- A USB stick (minimum 8GB).
- An internet connection.

First we create a bootable Windows 10 USB stick.
You should do this on a well-functioning computer with Windows 10.
You can perform the following steps:

Navigate to
Click 'Download Tool Now' as shown below.

Step 2

The utility will be downloaded.

Step 3

Start the utility by clicking on it (or double-clicking in explorer).
Click 'Yes' to let the program make changes.
Click Agree for the Applicable Notices and License Terms.
Select Installation Media.

Step 7

Select for Language: Dutch, Version: Windows 10 and Architecture: 64-bit (x64)

Step 8

Select USB Flash Drive

Step 9

Select the USB stick you inserted into the computer. It must have at least 8GB of free space and will be formatted.
Any data on the USB stick will be lost. We therefore recommend that you empty the USB stick yourself beforehand and make a copy of all important data.
Is the USB stick not yet visible? Then reconnect it and click on 'refresh drive list'.

Step 10

Windows 10 will now be downloaded to the USB stick. Please break this process not finished, because the bootable stick will not work properly.
Wait until the Windows 10 USB stick is ready.

Then, the Windows 10 installation will start on the computer you want to reinstall it on.

Shut down the computer where you want to install Windows 10.
Plug the Windows 10 Install USB you just created into the computer where you want to install Windows 10.
Start up the computer and repeatedly press the 'Boot menu' button during startup. (In most cases this is F11)
You will be presented with a menu like this:

Step 3

The color and appearance of the menu may differ from the menu you see.

In the 'Boot menu', select the Windows 10 USB you just selected.
Often the name of the USB device will appear, for example 'Kingston Datatraveler'.

The Windows installation will now start. You will see this window:

Step 5

Click Next

Click Install

Step 7

Then click on 'I don't have a product code'.

Step 8

Then select Windows 10 Pro

Step 9

Select the check mark to accept the agreement.

Select 'custom'

Step 11

In the next screen you will see all the disks and the partitions of these disks that are in your computer.

Step 12

Click on all drives and then click on delete, until this is no longer possible and only 'Unallocated space' remains.

- Do you have 1 disk? Then select it and the Windows installation will begin.
- Do you have 2 disks, for example an SSD and a HDD? We recommend installing Windows on the SSD. This is usually the smallest drive.
Click next.

Windows 10 Pro installation will now begin.

Step 14

After installation, the computer will reboot. The computer will now boot to the new Windows 10.
This new installation of Windows 10 still needs to be set up.

Set up new installation of Windows 10.

You will be asked for the Region, enter your region here.

You will be prompted for keyboard layout.
For the Netherlands this is: United States International. For Belgium this is in some cases 'Azerty' or Belgian classification.

You will be prompted to add a 2nd keyboard layout. We recommend that you skip this step.

You will be prompted to connect to the Internet.
We recommend that you skip this step by clicking on 'I don't have internet'.

Click on 'continue with restricted settings'

You can enter your desired username and click on 'next'.

You can enter your password and click on 'next'. Don't want a password? Then you can leave the field empty and click on 'next'.

You can fill in the following options yourself, they are related to your own preference.

Windows 10 is now reinstalled. We recommend that you let Windows Updates check for updates to let Windows 10 install the latest drivers automatically.

Updated on: 10/05/2022

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